Accton Participates in the Net Zero Summit and Digital Climate Action Awards

Digital Solutions for Taiwanese Enterprises In 2021, President Tsai Ing-wen announced Taiwan’s goal for net zero transformation until 2050, and in March 2022, revealed the “Taiwan 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Pathway and Strategy Master Plan”. This commitment is a tremendous challenge for many Taiwanese companies. The Digital Transformation Association (DTA) and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable … Read more

Accton Introduces Two-Phase Immersion-Cooled 100G Switch Module

The latest advancement to reduce energy consumption and electronic waste in data centers As a result of continuous research and development efforts in energy-saving and sustainable solutions, Accton introduced a two-phase immersion-cooled 100G switch module for high-speed cloud computing. The density of data center deployments keeps increasing to satisfy the growing demand for high-performance computing … Read more