Flying Toasters

[華語, cmn-Hant-TW]

After Dark 的經典螢幕保護程式,豬頭黨黨歌。

Fly -ing out of the sun
The smell of toast is in the air.
When there’s a job to be done
The Fly -ing Toast -ers will be there.
And it’s flap! Flap! Flap!
Now help is on the way.
This vict -‘ry song they sing:
We pop up to save the day
On Migh -ty Toast -er Wings!

In bright -est day or Af -ter Dark
When times of trou -ble are at hand,
The Fly -ing Toast -ers set a spark
And hope is blaz -ing ‘cross the land
And its flap! Flap! Flap!
Sal -va -tion from a -bove
A pre -cious gift they bring
Gleam -ing An -gels of Love
On Migh -ty Toast -er Wings!


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