gcc-4.2.1 退休

[華語, cmn-Hant-TW]

The GNU Compiler Collection and C++ standard library (libstdc++)
are no longer built by default on platforms where clang is the system
compiler. You can enable them with the WITH_GCC and WITH_GNUCXX
options in src.conf.

gcc 4.2.1 在 -CURRENT 下已預設為不編譯。

root@pearl:/usr/src # make delete-old
>>>Removing old files (only deletes safe to delete libs)
remove /usr/bin/g++? y

4.2.1 撐那麼久也該退休了,之後要用 gcc 的話要得從 ports 裡面安裝。
一般情況應該用 clang 就可以了。

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